What is an Epidural Drip or Epidural Pump?

If your surgery is done with Epidural Anesthesia, the epidural catheter, or tube which is inserted and used to deliver medicine to the spinal nerves, can be left in place for a few days. Medications can be given through the epidural catheter to control pain after abdominal surgery or surgery on your legs. This technique gives the patient excellent pain relief. The amount of medication given may be adjusted as needed by the anesthesia provider. The catheter is usually left in place for one to two days after surgery. Some of the side effects from this method of pain control can be itching, nausea, and/or sedation. The nursing staff will be looking for these side effects and having anesthesia adjust your medication as needed. When the epidural drip is stopped and the catheter removed, the patient will be started on either a PCA or pain medication by mouth.